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We are independent Consultants focusing on workplace technology and innovation. We deliver IT and Audio Visual technology projects aligned to workplace change, technology refresh, construction and relocation.
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Ready for
the next big thing?

Why knowledgeable is one of our core values

We're a Consultancy dishing out expert advice and guidance on the strategy, design and implementation of workplace technologies, so we're in the knowledge game.

Consultancy should do what it says on the tin: provide new concepts, ideas and designs to give clients the performance, resilience and flexibility they need to drive their business aspirations. 

We put a lot of legwork into being a leader in technology workplace visioning. To continually add value to our clients necessitates a constant reviewing of the latest market developments and the impact that these developments can have on technology design; from the fundamental infrastructure through to the client interface.

    Through our network of industry and manufacturer contacts, we make sure that we’re plugged into the future radar of what is being developed in the labs, so that we get early sight of new concepts. We are also prolific visitors to trade events to keep abreast of new standards, techs and trends. You can read a selection of our latest articles and opinions below. 

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    Cognitive Buildings in the COVID age
    By Nick Henley, Unified Communications and Active Networks Consultant at Cordless.
    Smart Buildings – The Connectivity Challenge
    Steve Jarvis, Cordless Commercial Director gives an insight into how to tackle the priorities in Smart Building Connectivity.
    Wellness and Technology: Awareness versus Action
    In an era where workforce wellbeing is supposedly high on organisational agendas, when asked in which areas tech can most benefit HR, wellbeing can often be overlooked. MD of Cordless Group, Nigel Miller considers the role that technology can play in corporate wellness and how we can look to close the gap between awareness and action.
    AV and UC – an uneasy alliance
    Mike Halliday, AV and Multimedia Director at Cordless gives a candid account of what’s going on in the Audio Visual and Unified Communications arena and the impact that this is having on the workplace. Whilst interoperability for Video Conferencing is becoming a luxury, not a standard, the user experience is becoming defined by the Unified Communications platform selection – leaving customers at the mercy of vendor-led change. Mike spills the beans on the interoperability challenges of some of the latest tech on the market and what this means for our future workplace tech strategies…
    Clueless AI
    Nigel Miller, MD of Cordless Group tells us why we should be wary of AI
    Top 3 tips for getting new staff
    Advice for tackling a stagnant candidate-driven market from Gareth Joseph, Business Manager for Cordless Resourcing…
    AI in the workplace – creativity friend or foe?
    As we embrace the Smart Building, will AI technology support workplace creativity and improve productivity… or pose a threat?
    Clash of the digital titans: tensions for space and smart
    Tensions between today’s workplace and the emerging digital workplace were brought into sharp relief at WORKTECH’s latest Tech and Trends 2019 briefing. Digital transformation will significantly affect two-thirds of all employees, according to a research study conducted by MIT’s Dr Kristine Dery. Aligning technology with business objectives has never been more important, but this can lead to tensions between traditional methods and adopting new practices. WORKTECH’s annual Tech and Trends event, held at Herman Miller’s showroom in Aldwych on 16 April 2019, looked at some of the most frequent clashes between today’s workplace and the emerging digital workplace.
    Passport to PropTech
    How technology is changing real estate models
    Smart Buildings: A Few Questions Answered
    With Smart being the order of the day on every workplace-related project discussion, Cordless has taken some time to get down the answers to 4 key questions to help drive your Smart Building strategy.
    On the verge of a fourth industrial revolution...
    Arriving now: seven big tech ideas to reshape the workplace
    The AV puzzle: is collaboration working?
    Beverley Eggleton, Marketing Manager at Cordless Consultants takes a look at collaborative working and the role of AV.
    2019: the lexicon of work that points to the way ahead
    What are the new buzzwords to bandy around as we head into the new year? WORKTECH Academy gathers up the prime suspects in a round of predictions drawn from its global network.
    Automation anxiety about the future of work?
    Scare stories abound about how robotics and machine learning will destroy jobs. But lack of investment in IT is the real thing to worry about, argues James Woudhuysen...
    Fighting hackers with hackers
    Fortifying smart buildings from attack. What secrets are our buildings telling on us? And how can companies protect themselves from hackers? Philip Ross suggests a self-attack strategy could help…
    Smart Buildings Hacked
    Six things we learnt about the future workplace. From new deals to dashboards, WORKTECH’s second specialist Smart Buildings conference looked at six drivers of change for the data-driven workplace of tomorrow.

    Kasia Maynard
    Workplace Trends Report
    Take five to read five concepts on where the workplace is headed…
    What did we learn at Tech and Trends 2018?
    Steve Jarvis and panel contemplate the future impacts of AI on the digital workplace…
    Learnings from Wellness 18...
    Cordless was pleased to support and attend the Wellness 18 London conference.
    AV security: staying safe in a complex world
    Gabriel Buzas, AV Consultant at Cordless discusses the current state of play and with regards to the security of AV technology in the workplace and the issues to be considered…
    Unified Comms: think small changes for big impact
    The 2018 UC Expo, (the annual Unified Communications show), came at an interesting time for suppliers, customers and recommending consultants alike. With much talk about “UC” and agile working and a myriad of competing products, selecting a unique offering is increasingly difficult. Stopping by a number of stands, all suppliers appear to be offering the same thing and few customers have the time to be able to fully understand the depth of what is being offered.
    The Role of Workplace Tech in Organisational Collaboration
    Mike Halliday, Multimedia Director at Cordless, highlights some of the key aspects to consider in enabling today’s collaborative workforce…
    Adapting to survive: don’t buy tech people won’t use
    In the final blog of a three-part series on Digital Evolution – not revolution – Beverley Eggleton looks why people resist tech change and how to give employees what they really need.
    Creating AV User UX environments
    Some thoughts from Steve Jarvis, Commercial Director at Cordless on creating an optimal AV customer and end User Experience (UX) in the workplace…
    Report on Jellybean Learning from Unwork and AUDE
    Cordless is delighted to be able to promote a report on Jellybean Learning and The Future of The University Campus developed by our sister company Unwork in conjunction with the Association of University Directors of Estates (AUDE).
    Does Big Data give us big answers or big problems?
    In the second of a three-part series on digital evolution – not revolution – Beverley Eggleton looks at the debate around Big Data. How much do we really need and where are the limits?
    Is AV changing the workplace?
    Senior Consultant at Cordless, Richard Sharkey, considers how workspace design is changing and how organisations can optimise their workspaces through AV to maximise productivity and profit.
    How apps will challenge the workplace
    Did you know there are over two million apps available to us today? These apps have infiltrated our lives from travel to shopping, banking, maps, and dating.
    Value-add buildings: so much more than just a workplace
    Could tech evolution outperform a radical overhaul?
    Think Smart... Think Smart Space
    The last in a series of Smart Building thoughts from Cordless: Think Smart. Think Smart Space.
    Think Smart... Think Internet of Things.
    The 4th in a series of Smart Building thoughts from Cordless: Think Smart. Think Internet of Things.
    Think Smart... Think Intelligent Core.
    The 3rd in a series of Smart Building thoughts from Cordless: Think Smart. Think Intelligent Core.
    Think Smart... Think Cloud.
    The 2nd in a series of Smart building thoughts from Cordless: Think Smart. Think Cloud.
    Think Smart... Think Big Impact Tech
    The 1st in a series of Smart Building thoughts from Cordless: Think Smart. Think Big Impact Tech.
    Making light work of open plan distractions
    Having trouble getting ‘into flow’ in the office environment? A new traffic light system promising to cut down interruptions has reopened a familiar debate about the trials of working in open plan.
    Companies versus markets in the tech-led gig economy
    How will the future workplace evolve? Questioning the existence of firms as employment patterns change...
    Trading stress for wellness: redesigning the trading floor
    Forget the Wolf of Wall Street: trading floors can seriously damage traders’ health. New research from architects Gensler, supported by furniture company Erich Keller, explores ways to mitigate stress on the trading floor to improve wellbeing and decision-making.
    Report on Smart Working from Unwork & Schneider
    Cordless is pleased to be able to promote a new report on Smart Working, Smart Buildings and the Future of Work produced by our sister company Unwork and developed in partnership with Schneider Electric.
    An article by Philip Ross, Founder and CEO UnGroup and Cordless Group
    Workplace Technology: the Foundations of Success…
    What are your ambitions for your future workplace? Creating the “perfect” client user and visitor experience? Getting the most from your existing space? Finding and relocating to new real estate? Realising a brand and culture to support collaboration, innovation and flexibility? Gaining competitive advantage from the use of technology, knowledge and data?
    Enterprise Network and Data Centre trends
    What were the significant events within the enterprise network infrastructure and data centre sectors in 2016, and what will be the key talking points during 2017?
    Big Data in Buildings. The Big Questions.
    Big Data in the workplace. Everyone’s talking about it – but what exactly is it?
    What do Architects think of AV and where does it sit?
    Steve Taylor, Projects Director at Cordless Consultants comments for AV Magazine
    Ride the Wave. How will you work tomorrow?
    Watch a future day in the life video walk-through of JLL employee Amy – showing how technology helps drive her working day in 2030, with improved efficiency and well being.
    Are Smart Buildings in the “i” of the beholder?
    How far can we take technology intelligence in the workplace in the quest for competitive differentiation?
    Growth, retention and post-Brexit challenges
    A paper written by Ian Kirby for hiring managers and HR professionals looking for inspiration in tackling their technical and project challenges.
    Technology, change and the future legal workplace
    In an increasingly competitive landscape, the legal sector is on the precipice of a brave new world.
    Zero Wires - The trends driving wireless adoption
    Zero Wires in a Connected World. Is this the Future?
    Lucky for Some: 7 Smart and Intelligent Insights
    ‘Smart’ Buildings; ‘Intelligent’ Buildings… We’ve heard it all before, haven’t we?
    Look out! Technology Change ahead...
    Organisations are recognising the need to invest in tech to create the ultimate user and visitor experience. But why does new technology not always deliver benefit?
    Resourcing trends: is 2016 the year to get personal?
    In the past 12 months, clients have frequently stated that their biggest concern is the lack of personal touch from suppliers...
    Enterprise and Data Centre Projects
    Is there any real benefit in employing a Consultant to work on an Enterprise or Data Centre network infrastructure project?
    Property Strategy: how are the cool kids doing it?
    How is the role of IT and AV in real estate changing? Have a look at our infographic depicting the importance of timing with regard to new technology...
    7 Future Tech Trends in Education
    Up and coming technology trends within learning and teaching in the next 5 years.
    Are building firms squeezing out AV?
    Nigel Miller, Cordless MD, comments for AV Magazine
    Intelligent to Smart - the workplace evolution
    Developers and Occupiers have long understood the benefits of iBuildings. Now the debate is moving to Smart Buildings. Meet Henry from BigBiz UK...
    The advantages of fungible skills
    In the second of three articles, Ian Kirby Cordless Resourcing Business Manager shares some thoughts on the relevance of fungible skills for hirers...
    The Foundations of Building Intelligence
    In this article written for Inside Networks magazine, Consultant Andy Hayden takes a look at Intelligent Buildings
    What is a Blue Apple - Challenging perceptions
    Ian Kirby, Cordless Resourcing Manager explains all in his article on the views and principles behind Cordless Resourcing
    Are we prisoners of our own careers and choices?
    Cordless Resourcing Business Manager asks: Are we prisoners of our own careers and choices?
    Top Enterprise and Data Centre trends
    Cordless Consultant Andy Hayden sums up the Top Enterprise and Data Centre trends in 2014 and looks ahead for 2015...
    Skills Shortages and Staff Retention
    Ian Kirby Cordless Resourcing Business Manager contemplates the challenge of Skills Shortages and Staff Retention in 2015...
    Top 5 Predictions for Future Workplace Tech
    A peek into the Cordless crystal ball reveals what we think could dominate the future workplace technology agenda for our clients
    Developers' Toolkit for Building Intelligence
    In our Toolkit for the Intelligent Developer, Andy Hayden, Cordless Senior Consultant considers the foundations of Building Intelligence
    Hit the Ground Running
    Cordless Resourcing Manager Ian Kirby asks what "Hit the Ground Running" really means when you're hiring.
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