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Is AV changing the workplace?

Senior Consultant at Cordless, Richard Sharkey, considers how workspace design is changing and how organisations can optimise their workspaces through AV to maximise productivity and profit.

What is a workplace today?

The workplace today is taking on newer approaches to employee working behaviours. This has begun moving away from the traditional 1:1 desk ratio for employees and has begun to take on a more radical approach, desks are no longer the personal spaces of employees to treat and decorate as they wish, instead no employee has a specified desk or seat, it has become a first come, first served usage of the office environment. Desks are becoming more universal to allow for anyone to use them.

With this approach (already taken by some large and small corporations) employers are needing to look at the technology that enables this change in working environments and user habits to become a fluid, simple experience that all employees can use. The current generation of workers now expect to be online all the time with ease of access to all corporate tools. This requires the backend technology to be readily available and secure. The user journey for the employee no longer begins when they enter the office, this begins from the moment they begin work - whether this is from a mobile / tablet, remotely working, travelling or office based.

The culture change this requires does not only impact the employees, but also the managers and the senior executives. They are no longer able to manage employees and colleagues by visibly checking on attendance and work practises. There is now a need for trust and a more management ‘by exception’ approach to ensuring a collaborative and efficient working model. With the cost of Real Estate being one of the top outgoings for any business, the reduction in space required by initiating an ‘activity based working’ model shows a quick ROI on investments made to enable this.

How is AV impacting thinking about the workplace?

AV has found itself at the forefront of the new age of office refurbishment. With AV’s convergence into the IT world and the simplicity of the new models of Video Conferencing, collaboration with colleagues all over the world is now something that most medium and large companies look for as a way of measuring the success of communications between peers. With the ease of desktop video now also being able to be included within the normal static room solutions, more and more people are now using video as the default communication tool within enterprise. Added to this that AV now also accounts for in-building notification and signage, wayfinding, meeting room booking and simultaneous collaboration through a multitude of technical solutions and you are able to begin mapping out the employee journey and the technology required to enable the employee to be productive.

How can organisations re-evaluate their workspaces and optimise them (and the AV technology in them) to ensure maximum business performance and staff satisfaction?

Corporations require a way of holistically looking at the usage of desk space, meeting rooms and current technology deployed throughout their offices. There are several ways this can be accomplished - through sensor technology, deck checking and issuing guidelines for ways of working such as check in and check out.

Productivity of employees is key to the morale, motivation and retention of talent, this will be a defined factor to the ongoing success of the organisation. The higher the morale, the more productive the company output to clients. With the retention of talent, company and industry knowledge and expertise is retained, allowing for a more streamlined approach to client delivery.

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Date: Wed, 07 Mar 2018 11:21:04 +0000 GMT

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