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Report on Jellybean Learning from Unwork and AUDE

Cordless is delighted to be able to promote a report on Jellybean Learning and The Future of The University Campus developed by our sister company Unwork in conjunction with the Association of University Directors of Estates (AUDE).

Higher education shake-up needed to meet the demands of Generation Z...

Analysing data from across the sector, this report looks at how universities need to develop.

The report challenges the historic higher education learning process in a world that has drastically changed from when it began. To remain successful, universities must understand how to teach the next generation of students. The report aims to understand what today’s 10-year olds will want from university and how the sector caters for this.

The digital imbalance

Today’s 10-year olds are ‘digitally dependent’, meaning they were born into a world surrounded by advanced technology, their entire childhood will have been shaped by technology and the internet. Yet, most of today’s lecturers are ‘digitally migrant’, unequipped to utilise the revolutionary technology available. Generation Z will have higher expectations for their university experience and this imbalance between generations will place a greater demand on the sector.

Over 77 per cent of students rate their learning experience as better in innovative, new spaces. Advances in artificial intelligence, internet connectivity and augmented reality are due to transform estates into immersive learning spaces. Universities will need to upgrade their digital infrastructure to cater for this.

The report has identified eight key themes estate professionals should consider to effectively address the challenges of educating today’s 10-year olds.

  1. Prepare for the changing demographic of students
  2. Ensure that technology and technology-based learning approaches are suitable for future students
  3. Adapt the physical space
  4. Explore innovative partnerships with organisations
  5. Utilise the vast potential to gather and analyse data
  6. Co-locate with corporations, markets and new clusters of business
  7. Start investigating models of smart buildings
  8. Blur boundaries between campus and non-campus

Bringing the world into the classroom

The sector can learn from best practice across the world. For example, the Harvard Business School wanted to connect digitally with students outside of the classroom but found traditional video capture (one camera filming one lecturer) made teachers less engaging. To overcome this, they have pioneered a new technology, an immersive and interactive virtual space that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. A roaming camera operator, five stationary cameras and the laptop cameras of up to 60 students work together to create a collaborative teaching environment. The classroom can connect to an entire world of students to deliver content in a manner that addresses some of the ways in which education is changing and will continue to change for future learners.

To request a copy of the report, say

Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2018 13:48:55 +0000 GMT

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