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Report on Smart Working from Unwork & Schneider

Cordless is pleased to be able to promote a new report on Smart Working, Smart Buildings and the Future of Work produced by our sister company Unwork and developed in partnership with Schneider Electric.

Next Generation Workplace

Unwork Schneider Electric

The way companies work has been transformed over the past decade as the confluence of new ideas, technological innovation and the entrance of new generations into the workforce has upended longstanding approaches to work and the workplace. Traditional models of workplace design that focused on cost reduction and efficiency are being rapidly superseded by more dynamic, agile models that aim to increase productivity, collaboration and wellbeing.

As the role of the workplace changes, so do the kinds of buildings that companies look to locate in. More mindful of the benefits that particular buildings offer, firms are increasingly discerning about the kinds of sites they select. For most companies, buildings need to provide more than the traditional lease – they need to help them attract the best talent, support business aims and energise and inspire their staff.

Smart buildings do all of these things, and more. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, such as the Internet of Things, Big Data and intelligent software, smart buildings enhance the experience of occupants, and create more attractive and desirable places to work. In a smart building, building systems sustain optimal levels of performance, helping to make them highly energy efficient; the experience of building users is personalised to their individual preferences; and real-time data is captured on the performance of the building and its work spaces.

This report sets out the advantages that smart buildings offer to occupiers and developers of commercial real estate. It identifies key technological enablers and shows how smart buildings will transform work, the workplace and the urban landscape over the next few years. Furthermore, it lays out a set of practical steps that developers can follow to realise the vision for smart buildings.

The emergence of smart buildings is about to fundamentally reshape the way modern buildings are designed, built and operated. This report shows how developers can position themselves to benefit from the changes taking place.

To request a copy of the report, say

Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2017 10:12:57 +0100 GMT

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