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What did we learn at Tech and Trends 2018?

Steve Jarvis and panel contemplate the future impacts of AI on the digital workplace…

At the annual Technology and Trends Executive Briefing run by Cordless’ sister company Unwired, Steve Jarvis, Commercial Director at Cordless chaired a thought-provoking discussion on Artificial Intelligence in the workplace. 

Steve was joined by Sanj Surati, Digital Atelier from Tiger Heart and Futurist and Consultant Amelia Kallman to discuss the impact of machine learning in the future.

Examples were discussed of how machines are already being utilised in the workplace for anything from intelligent navigation of workspaces through to pre-emptive lift maintenance – although the panel did agree that using AI in the workplace environment must be approached with caution! Cynical attempts to utilise AI bots which are trendy or cool but which do not work properly or fit with overall brand, could frustrate employees and customers and actually set companies back.

When questioned on the current UK regulatory framework adapting to progress updates in AI, the panel members agreed that government is currently unequipped to deal with significant changes. Fear of the unknown stops meaningful attempts at regulation, leaving AI in a semi-limbo.

Next the audience learnt about the difference between blockchain and AI. The terminology can be rather baffling as lines are becoming increasingly blurred between the two. It was explained that AI is machine learning that acts on learned behaviour which can adapt to messages and signals whereas blockchain will respond to and act purely on taught messages.  

The crux of the advice imparted during the discussion was that the decision to employ AI should be taken on the basis of augmenting the human experience, not frustrating it, especially in a workplace environment. 

AI is undoubtedly an important area to consider for the future since the limits and boundaries of AI are always changing and expanding. Think of human bionics: instead of trying to replicate the human experience/behaviour – why not make us stronger and faster? There may be a time where a bionic arm will be able to lift a car.

Whilst the future of AI is largely unknown, the rising prevalence of voice and environmentally responsive devices such as Alexa and apps that we used every day provide a pretty good indicator we think of how significant AI will be in the future digital workplace.

So, exciting times for AI ahead are expected… with lots of new and exhilarating developments as AI carves out its role in the smart workplace. 

Watch this space - and if you wanted to chat to Cordless about AI and intelligence in the future workplace, then we’d love to hear from you. Say

Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2018 13:11:18 +0100 GMT

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